Below is the history of the rapidsms-threadless-router project. With each release we note new features, large bug fixes and any backwards incompatible changes.

v0.1.4 (Released 2012-09-05)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed outgoing to report if the message was sent or not. Thanks to Cory Zue.

v0.1.3 (Released 2012-07-25)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed exception when an originary app such as djcelery contains an app module. Thanks to Tim Akinbo.

v0.1.2 (Released 2012-06-29)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed packaging of httptester templates and css

v0.1.1 (Released 2012-06-28)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed broken packaging due to missing README in the distribution

v0.1.0 (Released 2012-06-28)

The initial PyPi release.


  • Replacement HTTP based router
  • Working replacements for the http, httptester and kannel backends
  • Test utilities for writing scripted router tests
  • Compatibility layer for processing messages with Celery

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