The benefit of a threadless router is that testing is very easy (and fast). No more sleeping until threads join, so tests run at a bearable pace.

No Magic

Need to test using the router? Just instantiate it. INSTALLED_APPS and INSTALLED_BACKENDS will be used by default, unless you pass in overrides into the constructor. For example:

class MyTest(TestCase):
    def testExample(self):
        backends = {'mockbackend': {"ENGINE": MockBackend}}
        router = Router(backends=backends)


RapidSMS provides rapidsms.tests.scripted.TestScript for testing the entire stack with transcript-like input. threadless_router has it’s own TestScript class the provides the same functionality.

By default, any apps within INSTALLED_APPS will be used, but you can also specific apps for each TestCase. For example, here’s how one can test the functionality of the rapidsms.contrib.default app:

from django.conf import settings

from rapidsms.apps.base import AppBase
from rapidsms.contrib.default.app import App as DefaultApp

from threadless_router.tests.scripted import TestScript

class OtherApp(AppBase):
    """ Simple application that only responds to a single message """

    name = 'other-app'

    def handle(self, msg):
        if msg.text == 'other-app-should-catch':
            return True

class DefaultTest(TestScript):
    """ Test that rapidsms.contrib.default works properly """

    apps = [OtherApp, DefaultApp]

    def setUp(self):
        super(DefaultTest, self).setUp()
        self._old_message = getattr(settings, 'DEFAULT_RESPONSE', None)

    def tearDown(self):
        super(DefaultTest, self).tearDown()
        if self._old_message:
            settings.DEFAULT_RESPONSE = self._old_message

    def test_full_stack(self):
        """ Test default response functionality alongside other apps """
        message = 'Invalid message, please try again!'
        settings.DEFAULT_RESPONSE = message
        self.runScript("""1112223333 > other-app-should-catch
                          1112223333 < caught
                          1112223333 > uncaught-message-test
                          1112223333 > {0}""".format(message))

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